Friday, 3 February 2012

Meet Mrs H

Welcome back! And Happy Friday to you! I'm one of those lucky girls who has awesome friends, and luckier still to have at least 3 woman I class as BFFs... so it is with great pleasure I introduce you to BFF... Mrs H.  Its difficult to look half good in a photo with her because she's totally stunning right?  But I gave it a go cos I REALLY wanted her to come on the blog...

 Mrs H and I have a little hobby business called Funky Junkie, we craft handmade funky coloured resin tiki and vintage button necklace's and bracelets, we also have a small collection of tiki t-shirts as well...

Mrs H has such amazing style, if you saw it, you would steal it, in fact it was she who inspired my own love of vintage and other beautiful things.  Today she suggested we put on some vintage dresses and clogs and I suggested the self timer lol.

Mrs H 'flawlessly' wears: a thrifted vintage dress of chocolate brown and burnt orange.  She says the retro design and the cut of the dress gives it a Kate Sylvester feel and it has quickly become one of her favourite wardrobe items.  I found this dress in a second hand store for only $5 and gave it to her over this Christmas break... She has teamed it beautifully with a vintage leather belt and her red plaited Sweedish Hasbeen clogs.

Myself:  Well I have a pretty good collection of vintage dresses now.  This polka-dot beauty I found a couple of weeks ago in an op shop in Petone for $10, its acutally a set that came with a little bolero jacket but I thought my trusty little white $4 cardi would give it a bit more 'pop.'  I 'm wearing a 'Beautiful Mess' locket, sorry this is not a good photo of it but you can pop into this link to check out the locket designed by Miss Elsie of A Beautiful Mess Blog...  my sister's red belt from the Warehouse is way long so I had to knot it but it works, and my most favourite shoes everrr, my cherry red sky high mimmi Sweedish Hasbeen clogs. 

Can you tell that we LOVE clogs?

I hope you enoyed meeting Mrs H, hopefully she will have a couple of posts for you in the future, she's inspirational xox

Here are our tiki's, we made them with our own four hands...

AND... My twin sissy (my BSF - Best Sissy Forever) had her little girl on Wednesday in Australia and she is beautiful (of course), I was looking online for a bouquet of flowers or a gift basket to send her and I thought maybe she might like this one or this one, but they are so flippin expensive, it might be better for us to put the money into her bank account and let her buy her own gift... is that something you would do? Is it too cheap? 'Kush' are still trying to pick a name... preferably maori and something the Australians can say without too much fuss, I suggested 'Tui.' (Thats 'To-ee') It's going to be fun to see what they come up with, I'll let you know.

My little sister says Blogs are a waste of time lol, I diasagree, although I do think they are a hinderance to productivity (personally speaking) but there is some great stuff out there in blog land, true there is way too much rubbish but I am enjoying doing this, even if its just for myself... However I have decided I need to cut back on the time I spend blogging... so I can do some blobbing with my hubby n kids, you know just hanging out, and making memories... because you know I like them too, more than I like blogging actaully lol.
So I am sticking to 3x posts a week ONLY... they will be Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.... I hope you can come back and check them out, I really love having you here... Why don't you share you thoughts about anything in the comment box... Ask me stuff or whatever... please keep it PG.
Anyway I'll sign off till Tomorrow... On Tuesday I wll post my super Sunday Styles and I promise it WILL be my dress... the one I designed and made myself, I have been promising you for the last few posts...
Ok have a great weekend and for us New Zealanders a fantastic Waitangi LONG weekend.... Smile at 10 random people this weekend! yay!
Mrs C

PS: I cancelled my order for an iphone3GS and re-ordered an iphone4S I decided if I am going to have this phone for 6-10 years I better start with the lateset model not 3 models ago... so it will be here next week, I'll post about it on Saturday after I've had time to play with it yipee!

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