Monday, 27 February 2012

SUPER SUNDAY, thanks to Saturday night...

Inspiration for my Super Sunday's style post actually came from Saturday night's television line up; Sex and the City 2. 

There are two dresses that Carrie wears in this movie that are pretty stunning.  The first is a pure orange double layered, pleated dress, it is wickedly maxi and obviously waaaaay too long but stunning nonetheless... 

In this dress, Carrie takes a walk along the Abu Dhabi beach, the dress blissfully billowing in the hot dessert breeze... stunning cinematography. 

At the end of the movie she is wearing a similar dress in the most beautiful GREEN and OMGsh! The camera drops to follow the hem of the dress as she turns the corner in her apartment, it trails long behind her, so gorgeous!


 ...come Sunday morning I felt like wearing a lovely long dress (though not too long) with gorgeous colours... of course I'm no Carrie, as you can clearly see... but why would that stop me?

Dressthis is my favourite maxi dress that I picked up from Farmers (Department store) about 2 years ago, I still love it, its definitly a go-to-dress...
Shoes: I picked up these heels for $14 at the Number 1 Shoe Warehouse, (actually, I was inspired by Sex in the City 1 to buy these shoes) about 2 years ago. 
Jacket: Grace Hill
Accessories: My fav A beautiful mess locket, a $1 thrifted belt, and lucky me my mummy's vintage crystal earrings...



I never wear a strapless or singlet style dress without anything underneath or over top... for me, modest is hottest and more is less... and really ladies, in serious objection to Trinny and Susannah... just because we have it, surely does not mean at all that we should flaunt it... do you agree?

Any-who... Look at my lipstick, usually I try to avoid pink lipstick, but with this outfit I thought I'd give it a chance and I was pleasantly surprised that I wasn't violently shocked with it... I think I could do it again, besides pink looks like the new red in lip shades...

Its amazing where you can find style inspiration, which movie inspired your style today?  

Hope you've had a beautiful day, I have a dinner date with my friend Dawn on Thursday, I'll let you know all about it then.
Mrs C

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  1. I love all those shades of pink lipstick!

    lace, etc.


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