Saturday, 4 February 2012

What can YOU do with $20???


SO... would YOU like a vintage makeover?

So, I decided to get a little project going...
its the $20 Vintage Makeover Project and this is a call out! 

This is my friend Jess she was kind enough to let me give her a makeover so I could practise using my camera last year.  I wanted to give the photo shoot a vintage flavour which Jess loved.  She has never modelled before but she is an absolute natural. 

The first look I gave her was this old Chicago styled gangster look. 

The coat $10, mine, I picked it up thrifting as well as,
The hat and scarf $1 each, mine,
Orange tiki brooch from Funky Junkie,
The belt belongs to my sister,
Shoes, mine...
So not including the borrowed accessories
this look cost $12, not bad huh?  

This second look is my favourite...

White dress, $5 it actually has black polka dots, which you can't see due to the over exposure of my editing, sorry.
The red belt, $1.
The red socks, 50c.
Vintage button bracelets by Funky Junkie.
The shoes and cardi, mine.

Once again excluding borrowed stuff
this look cost $6.50. AWESOME right?  

So... you must live in Wairarapa, be available for fittings and a photo shoot, be cool with having your picts posted on Curves of my heart blog and pay the $20 fee which will go towards the purchase of your outfit which you get to keep... YAY!

I wish I had sponsors for the blog then I 'd be able to do it for you for FREE!

But I don't...

But at least you will look GORJUS and have some pretty good (if I do say so myself) photos to prove it, Oh and I styled Jess's hair and make up myself, which I will do for you also... SO... Leave me a comment and we can organise your $20 vintage makeover. 
Who knows you might find a whole new YOU. 

This project is all about having fun, making friends, helping you find a new or different style... and getting me more photography experience...

Have a happy Saturday
Mrs C

The fine print:
  • $20 vintage makeover is available to the first 5 applicants...
  • Applicants are those deemed to have contacted me first via the 'comments' box...
  • AND emailed a full body pict of themselves...
  • Be quick, $20 Vintage Makeover project closes Easter Weekend...
  • All photos remain property of Mrs C of Curves of my heart blog...
  • Outfit items purchased with your $20 fee remain yours...
  • If you provide a pen drive or CD you may have a copy of all edited photos from the $20 Vintage Makeover photo shoot.
  • if there is any change from your $20, we might go for a hot chocolate :)



  1. Well I am defiantly interested in doing this for you, I think it would be a lot of fun, and so would the rest of the girls in the family, just let us know a date so that I could get the Saturday off at work do we really need to send the photo

  2. Hey Destinee! YAY!!! so exciting, don't wory bout photo as I know all of you and how beautiful you guys are... so you can PM me at FB and let me know if its the 4 of you or whatever... howz the 4th of March?

  3. $20 can go a looong way in a thrift store! One of my favorite split pencil skirts I found at a thrift shop in SLC for $1! It's so stinking cute.

    Cable Car Couture

    1. Hi Sarah, yes a long way, and I hope we find hats ans belts and shoes, oh it's so exciting :)

  4. Okay - so can I still do this - am I number 5????


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