Wednesday, 15 February 2012

1000 visitors! WOOHOO!!!

WOW! I'm just 1 day shy of my 1 month blog-a-versary (started on January 17th) and right now at this very moment my counter is telling me that I have had 1000 page visits!!! Now of course I know that my fav blog-land hangouts (like A Beautiful Mess and Bleubird Vintage) probably get 1000 page visits in one day... but never-the-less, I am very proud of my little kiwi Curves!  Happy 1 month birthday to us!  And I want to thank you all for coming to visit and I hope that you will come back often... I'm sending hugs to you all in blog-land right now xox

 SO... TODAY...
You know those days when you wake up and as soon as your foot touches the floor everything goes wrong? Like the day my hair got eaten by the hairdryer ...and one of the kids forgot their bag and remembered just as we arrived at school...  Like when you have to hurry up with the mascara and smudge it everywhere and when you try to wipe it off it just turns into  abig bruise-like smudge... you have to start again but you're already late... so you poke yourself in the eye... The days when the weather man says its going to be HOT so you wear a thin blouse n cardi and spend the day freezing your butt off.... ahhhhhhhhh....

This was not one of those days... Today was a good day!

"Excercise today"...
Woke at 6.15am to take my son to early morning seminary (scripture study), met my walking buddy Andrea... (I need to talk to her about a cute blog nickname lol) and did the Lansdowne hills in 47 minutes. Sweeeet!

"Kid's Lunch today"...
If your kids are like mine they soon get sick of the usual lunches consisting of sandwiches and such other boring things, so this morning with a teeny bit of spare time I made 'Crunchy Fingers' otherwise known as 'mousetraps'.  Jam and cheese crunchies and marmite and cheese crunchies were on the lunch menu today,

The verdict? "Today's lunch was yummy mummy!"

"What I wore today"...
Black...  my grandmother used to laugh, "black doesn't make you look slim, if you're fat, you're fat, and thats all there is too it" I know she was seriously funny and blunt (love her forever!) But regardless, I always feel comfortable in black... adding a pop of colour somwhere is always a good thing...
top: on sale at Farmers about 2 years ago,
jeans: thrifting $7,
cardi: for free (my sister),
My necklace: handmade vintage buttons by Funky Junkie .  I like throwing mine on with anything plain becasue they add such  lovely 'pop' of colour to any outfit...

I have a special morning planned with 'the girls' on Saturday and hopefully I will get to introduce you to BFF... "The Fantastic Mrs Fox", she's resourceful, clever, very talented and a great leader (just like the Roald Dahl character of almost the same name...) fingers crossed that she won't be too shy lol... I hope you can come back.

Righty-ho... I'm off to deliver choclate cupcakes to my friends fundraiser (mmmm chocolaaaaate)... but here is the most cutest photo that you see anywhere today, honestly... too cute... I call it 'an afternoon nap with my bestie'... oh and we decided on a name for little Miss Hissy Kitten... Abby.

See you Saturday
Mrs C


  1. HELLLLOOOO KUSH,,,, miss you's, love you's... and had heaps of people approach me bout the motoka, but no bites yet... xox

  2. Replies
    1. Hey, thank you so much! Hope you are having a great great week! Thanks for popping over and now Curves is well on the way to 200 visitors xox

  3. Cutie blog! Yay for 1,000! That's exciting stuff!


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