Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Someone's old second hand dress...

Look... its a $7 vintage dress...
better yet, it fits!!!

I know I said I would'nt be back till Friday but I had to show you what I wore to work today...
Dress:  $7 from Miramar Salvation Army Store - bargain! The old label at the collar says Miss Jennie Fashions Made in NZ 
Shoes: Funkis slingback clogs
Tights: The warehouse
Bracelet: handmade with vintage buttons by funky Junkie...

Also my twin sissy  http://kushlife.blogspot.co.nz/  is having her baby today, in Australia... so you can join me in sending out some major good vibes and prayers for her,  mine will mean more cos we have that twin thing goin' on hehe!  Heres all my great twin vibes to you and my beautiful new niece, she's coming into a family of 3 big brothers yikes!
Luv u Mrs K x

Hope you had a lovely day too...
See you Friday or tomorrow haha!
Mrs C


  1. What a find, you lucky thing. Thanks for your gorgeous message....Jxxx

  2. Mwahhh! That is a laaah-verly dress by the way... Im going to have to get out and about to the 2nd handys over here I bet there are heaps of lovely cheapies x


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