Monday, 8 April 2013

Wellington Fashion Week - A Greenie in the Pit...

So... I told you that the first show I went to I was late, so i had a terrible spot right in the back corner behind two big, burly, dude photographers... even though Fashion Guru used  some of these shots I wasn't very happy with them.

From the time I knew I would be doing this, I began researching the web for advice, guidance and inspiration.  It was a bit difficult to find a point of difference for runway shots because there is only really one spot for the photographers, called the pit, which means that all the shots are really similar.

The main thing that I found from my research was to try and get a good shot of the whole outfit being showed.  So I concentrated on getting head to toe shots initially then began taking close ups so that detailing of the clothing could be appreciated, like ruching, colour, fabric and fabric graphics.
At first I was spending quite a bit of time after the show, cropping, sharpening and editing picts. By my last show I had learnt enough to make sure that I took the photo I wanted, without having to edit later which was a massive time-saver!
Any-whoo... Enough talk!  These shots feature designs from Kirkcaldie & Stains fashion houses, Deryn Schmidt, Hailwood, Mardee and Carlson...



Before I went to fashion week, I had the impression that the photographers in the pit were mean and unfriendly, this was nowhere near the truth, at least 99% of them were the friendliest people ever and this made a for a fun and almost relaxed working environment.  There was one or two who were obviously not there to make friends, but that's alright, each to their own... but here's my little shout out to my  new friends from the pit...
Ben - thanks for helping me put the right settings on my camera on the first night, when I showed up late and flustered.
Dave - thanks for lending me your amazing lens, you just pulled it out of your bag, stuck it on my camera body and said "go for it!"
Ray - thanks for being so nice, it was great having little chats and I looked forward to seeing you at the 'next' show.
Gary - Chur bro!
Caitlyn - thanks for you energy and enthusiasm.  And you're friend who shot six-sixty, I didn't catch his name but he was awesome too!

Ok that's it for now, the next post will be all about the shoes... the models were fiercely hot and now I want at least 3 new pairs of shoes... Watch this space my friends.
Mrs C

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