Monday, 9 April 2012

AND THE WINNER IS...........

ME!  Who? Yes! It's me!!!


It was so cool, going into the Colosseum and seeing all the beautiful photographs on display, so while I'm browsing, my kids are running around trying to find my photos...

...then my 5 year old screams out "Mum! Your photos!"

...and then my 14 year old yells out "Mum! You won!"

...and I do a most impressive power walk in the direction of their voices and there they are...

At this moment we're all jumping up and down and I'm hugging my hair and make up stylist, Miss Parnz, and trying to squeal quietly (to no avail)...


I just got huge sense of satisfaction just seeing my work up on the wall, but the red ribbon above it got me a teeny bit emotional...

 Why? It's not like I just won $10,000, its an iPod touch! woohoo! (very cool... yes!) 

But the emotional thing is... its my very first photo competition, and my very first win and I was in complete awe! Seriously I did not expect to come anywhere... remember? I was in it to just share and for the fun of it!  And I loved every minute of our 1950's photo shoot


And look my first interview... haha! I hope I wasn't speaking gibberish...  Warren has been a photographer for 30 years and he was super nice and supportive, he gave me some great tips and places to go on line to learn more about my Canon, I was very glad to meet him...

I explained to Warren that I was led to photography by my love of it, I can't paint, or draw but I found that I can take photo's, and I do it because I love it, its a creative outlet for me so its something I will keep doing...

In honesty... I'm what I label "a second place getter!" lol! yes, I've become accustomed to coming second and to be honest it doesn't really bother me, I'm not a "I'm going to win, I going to win!" type person, although I do try my best if I'm going to be in the running for anything, but truthfully I don't mind coming second!
But this weekend...
and I like how that feels...

And just like the Oscars... I would like to thank

My mummy
for booking up my Canon EOS Camera on her Qcard lol! xox

My family
The spunky Mr C and our beautiful babies, they are my main models and don't mind at all, they let me get in all the practise I want xox

My Sissy
Miss Parnz... For her expertise with hair and make up and her willingness to help me out even though I only gave her 2 measly hours notice xox

The Flood family
For Chloe Kenny and Jerome Flood, the most funnest (I'm sure that's a word) and gorgeous models everrrrrrr! xox
Bishop and Kimberly  Aporo for the use of the stunning Ford Bonus, which truly made the photo shoot and for their support xox

Mrs H, thank you for supporting me and telling me I was going to win... even though I told her I wouldn't... thank you partner! xox

And to you...
Thank you for coming to visit me here at curves...
I can see we're going to hit the 5000 mark before the school holidays are over... Dani and Buba suggested that I use my greeting cards as a blog prize, and that's a GREAT idea... and so this is a post of "FIRST's"

be in to win...

Visitor number 4999, 5000 & 5001 will be sent a 5 pack of my mini greeting cards...

To win...

you will need to leave a comment as the
4999th, 5000th or 5001st visitor

take a "print screen" of curves sitting at either one of these numbers, paste it into an email and send it and your postal address to me at

Good luck and Thank you!
Mrs C


  1. Wahoo YOU ROCK!!!!! That is the most incredibliestbestest news Kiri (yes that is a real world, if you are 7) xx

    1. thank you whanau, you guys are the bestest for reals xox

  2. Yay! Awesome stuff...way to go sissy!!!

    1. wicked aye! I love your gumtree home xox

  3. Well Done Kiri!!!! you deserve it I thought your pic looked so 1950's and professional.
    Also love your blog...this is where I come to relax and enjoy the bits and pieces, gee my mum had some beautiful gear you would have loved specially her shoes.

    Arohanui Cilla

    1. Thanks Nanny Cilla! Isn't it a shame that we don't know what we have till we don't have it anymore... I remeber my Ganama had ALL Crown Lynn Double Glaze crockery in her cupboards, and now they are all gone... I would have loved to have seen your mumma's shoes... xox

  4. Congratulations on your win! I love your gorgeous photo. It really was a great shot.

    1. Thank you Miss Charming, how very nice to meet you x


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