Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Today I'm truly inspired...

Yesterday I met Founder and Creative Director of The Carpenters Daughter, Caroline Marr, when I went to check out the TCD pop up shop.

I tried a couple of things on... oh'd and ah'd more than a few times... as I came out of the dressing room wearing the black Nautical Dress I bumped right into her.  It was like I have known her for ages... and boy!  Is she trendy or what?!?! Yes she is!

Anyway today I ended up going back and buying said dress... and had a good little chat with Caroline, I found out the following...

  • she's a family girl, in fact working with her in the pop up shop was her sister in law Tracey, how cool is that!?!  
  • She's super trendy... of course this is a given being the head of a lead fashion house.
  • She's got the most fabulous personality, I enjoyed my little 15 minutes with her and she was very supportive about my blog.
  • She has the most brilliant smile!
TCD was established in 1990 and I remember driving past the Takapuna store in 1999 and thinking "hmmm that looks like a funky shop".  Now it has grown so much!  Including an online store. Also having the store here in Masterton was so fab and further proof of TCD's awesome growth, growth that has obviously stemmed from plenty of hard work and determination... 

Tomorrow they head to Wanganui, if you're up that way go and check them out and have a chat...

You know a few years ago, my mother in law asked me what I really wanted to do... I think I was having career issues at the time... anyway I said "I want to be the Trelise Cooper for the big girls" I laugh when I think about it now... but today I realise that "I want to be the Mrs C for me". 

The Carpenter's Daughter has reiterated to me that I can be whatever I want to be... and thanks to her I am heading to bed tonight a truly inspired woman.  I hope I've passed some of it on to you too...

Mrs C

P.S. for those of you waiting for Super Sunday...
sorry, but just to let you know I wore my spotty Trelise Cooper dress, with my mermaid skirt underneath to add length, my Grace Hill denim jacket and my red Mimmi Sweedish Hasbeens... I know it's a killer that I did'nt take photos, but this Sunday is set to be SUPER!!! xox

We have 3 winners for the mini cards... YAY! At last... congratulations to Marama from Masterton, Janeen from Turangi and Beth from Utah! WOOHOO!!!! 

And I hope Beth dosent mind if I share her email with you all, I was so in awe of her sweet sweet email and am so happy to have her as a blog buddy... Just a reminder to Beth, please email me your address so I can post your prize...

Hi Mrs.C.  
My name is Beth and I'm from Utah. 
As you will see I don't send e-mails to often. 
I am a 67 yr. old grandma and I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. 
Thanks for sharing your Beautiful home land with us and I think you are cute and funny.
 It's 4:00a.m. In Utah and I can't sleep so I just wanted to let you know that you 
are a sweet person and you make me happy. Have a good day.   
Love from Utah Beth

Obviously Beth ROCKS!!!!
Thank you so much ladies,
I hope you all enjoy using your cards xox

I'm taking the page visit counter off the front page now... but I will let you know when we get to 10,000 yay!!!
But keep an eye out for more giveaways! 


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    1. Thanks so much! and I am seriously happy to have met you... we'll definitly keep in touch x


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