Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A few of my favourite things...

Yay!  The holidays have returned to my life, waltzing calmly into my welcoming, tired arms... "Where have you been!  I've missed you so much!" lol.  And in the words of the gorgeous Mrs Princess Pookie I plan to "Shop, eat cake and wear something fabulous" for most of the next two weeks.

I have a few videos for you to look at this post... Have you heard of positive daily affirmations? Well this cute little girl has and she does it well! Imagine doing this every morning... it's sure to be a great day if we started out like this...

Today is the last day of school and I'm looking forward to the weekend.  So far it will consist of...
  • meeting up with old friends
  • having a little getaway in a different town, and staying at The Quest (in a hotel yay!)
  • Exhibitions and other fun activities at the Square Affair.
  • Dressing up.
  • A family outing to the movies - Mirror Mirror is top of the list and although I'm not a Julia Roberts fan, this looks fun and I'm sure the girls will love it.

  • Sleeping in (oh joy!) I admitted to Mr C the other day that "my bed is one of my favourite places"... wisely (and after 15 years of marriage) he replied "yes, I know."
  • Baking bread - yum.
  • picking watercress - yum yum!
  • Altering a couple of second hand dresses  (I can't wait to show you)
And that's just for this weekend, I still have two weeks worth of holidays to fill... my brother has invited us to spend a few days with him, his little house is just an alley way away from the beach... hmmmm lovely(depending on the weather I guess) so we could end up there.

After my lovely morning on Saturday, I ended up putting my back out and have been painfully uncomfortable since then SO NOT COOL! I have been to the chiropractor once already and am going again tomorrow, I hope I'm in much better stead for the holidays, or my pain in the back will become a hugely annoying pain in the butt!

In saying that I'm grateful that I can still move and that my back injury hasn't ended with me bed-ridden... for Easter I want to leave you with this beautiful video, a song called Beautiful Heartbreak, written and performed by the super talented Hillary Weeks

A friend of mine keeps a gratitude diary, I might need to start keeping one as well because watching this video makes me grateful for everything! 

I hope you have a blissful Easter season, and if you're in New Zealand, a safe and happy school holiday with your kiddies...
We'll catch up soon
Mrs C

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