Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Green with envy...

This must be the first time that my laptop has suffered withdrawls from me and not the other way around... I haven't touched the poor thing since I posted Super Sunday... You see, Blogging helps me to relax; but these holidays I just haven't needed any help to relax... isn't that wonderful?  Yes it is!

I'll post some of my fav holiday picts tomorrow... but for now let me introduce you to the latest edition of my curvy wardrobe...

Yesterday, we stopped at the Savemart in Upper Hutt and even though this is not exactly what I call a bargain at $20.99 I did think it was a bit steep, but, it was pay week yay!  and I just could'nt pass up on the colour... or the fact that it looked brand new... so I had to snap it up because it's just so beautiful... do you agree?

I'm so excited that The Carpenters Daughter is coming to town next week! 

Yay!  I'm looking forward to going along and checking it out.  I know exactly which dress I want so fingers crossed... if you live in Wairarapa check out this link out for more information about TCD and who knows, we may just bump into one
another at the roadshow...
Have a lovely weekend
Mrs C

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