Saturday, 6 April 2013

My Fashion Week....


This week has been a blur of excitement, colour, beauty and fashion! Fashion! Fashion!!!  I've never ever been to a fashion parade before this week and all of a sudden I'm a photographer at the biggest Wellington fashion event of the year.  Amazing!
Golden ticket
Taking the runway by storm!!!

Thanks to my super fashionable friend and colleague Miss Alanna for hooking me up with the stylish Fashion Guru Ryan Kane and Miss Mondo herself Montess Hughes who were my clients for the week.  I feel very lucky.

The gorgeous Miss Alanna was sponsored clothing from various designers for the week, it was my job to take photos for the designer and Ryan and Montess to use in promoting the designer... some of the sponsored dresses included from top left clockwise PIA, Dmonic Intent.  The blue dress is Alanna's own from Ruby worn with the Karen Walker necklace borrowed from the amazing Tina.

This was an unpaid gig for me but I'm all about the experience and the learning, I was not going to let this opportunity pass me by.  
I'm in here somewhere... pict by Miss Alanna from her front row VIP Delegate seat...
The photographers pit was hot, tight and slightly competitive and the first thing I learnt was the early bird certainly gets the worm - or in the case the best spot, after being late to the first show I made sure to be at all the other shows an hour early which certainly paid off.
 I think for a first timer I did pretty good, but there is still heaps to learn... and who knows what might come of this?  So... do I want to be a fashion photographer? Am I going to try to move out of hobby photography and into pro?  Hmmm I don't know, but as always I will take these opportunities with both hands when they present themselves.  Over the coming week, I'm going to share some of my favourite runway shots, for now here are a few shots of people having fun at WFW.  I met some very interesting people this week.  Very interesting...



On Friday I looked around myself and thought, "how the heck did I get here?"  I had taken a huge leap out of my own personal circle of life and jumped into a completely different circle, now I can see these circles joining up to make a lovely little chain of experience, knowledge and fun.
Now, to stray from the subject a little, after my last fashion show yesterday, the spunky Mr C drove over and we got to celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary with an Amora Hotel 'Date Night' Package, I highly recommend this package to any couple who are in need of a lovely restful date night, it was super awesome
(Thanks for babysitting mum xox)
A deluxe room with a view - beautiful!
Needless to say I'm happy to be home now... and I am going to have a serious nanny nap this afternoon, because tomorrow its back to reality... which is not a terrible thing...
Mrs C

P.S if you want to have a sneak peak at some of my runway shots go here and  there are heaps here.

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