Sunday, 21 April 2013

Super Sunday - Lady in Vintage Red...

Well winter is well and truly on the way... It was raining hard and I was happy to have the chance to finally wear this dress...  I LOVE this dress, the colour, the long sleeves, the high neck and the fabric.  I'm not sure how old it is but I was lucky enough to have been given this by one of my Nanny's... What do you think?

I also thought there are a few ways I could wear this dress... like one dress, three ways...
Mix-mash!  With my TCD black Nautical dress...

And... with my $5 vintage polka dot over vest.  I love this vest but I've never worn it yet... All of a sudden... light bulb!
I think it looks fab with this dress...


You know, to be brutally honest since I switched jobs I've been having a bit of trouble with my personal style... its frustrating, especially after finally becoming comfortable with it when I was at school.

Last week I was super lucky to be on the receiving end of a wardrobe clean out of a super generous, friend and colleague. I was astounded at the beautiful clothes that she was getting rid of... I love them and I'm going to do some post's called "Hand-me-over lovelies" which will be all about the stunning clothes that  I have been lucky to be given lately. 

I'll keep you updated with my style dilemma as well, I'm hoping to get over that fairly soon, but with a change in season, comes another new change in wardrobe as well... plus I have way too many clothes and now I have no room in my wardrobe!  How can I have so many clothes and constantly have nothing to wear?!

My toes are freezing, I'm going to bed but I know there are a couple of little lumps there already.... My kids are my own personal bed warming hotties.

I have another shoot coming up soon, I'll let you know all about it...

Mrs C

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