Sunday, 31 March 2013

The kids in the country...

Hey y'all!!!
Well we have said farewell to a few car loads of our wonderful family who came to stay for Easter weekend.  We stayed on a marae in Pirinoa which is  a little place in the middle of nothing but beauty... it's super close to Lake Ferry and Cape Palliser Beach so you can imagine the fun filled past few days we've had!  It's been the best Easter weekend for ages!!!

So with all the busy-ness I still managed to grab a few minutes with the kids and one of their many cousins who was visiting and took a couple a snaps out in the country, here they are...



We have made many fabulous memories the weekend and I feel so grateful to have such a big brilliant family...

Hope you were able to have some special time with your loved ones this Easter.

Mrs C

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