Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Wellington Fashion Week - Gloom Generation

So... what can I say about Jimmy D's gloomy show?

Let's just start with "very interesting".

In fact, out of the whole fashion week, this show had to be the definite winner of the Curves "most original" Award. 
Firstly, there was no runway, so when I got there I thought, "ok, where shall I stand?" so I picked a little spot that just happened to be the wrong spot, lol! However, I actually really like how these photos turned out. The wrong spot in addition to the lighting, the style and the crowd all made for some really good and challenging shots. Needless to say this show was my most challenging shoot of the week. Not only did the models walk through the crowd and sit in a corner of the room (far away from me) doing "stuff", the venue was filled to capacity too...

Another good thing about this shoot was that I felt quite comfortable manipulating these in the editing suite, so not only was it a break from all the standard runway shots but they allowed me to be a bit more creative as well.

So what do you think?  Do you like gloom?

Mrs C

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  1. I think u had a pretty good spot by the looks of it... they're all walking str8 towards you...Ummm I like black but not sure about gloom!! ha!


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