Thursday, 3 May 2012

It's been a while...

Hello Blog land!!!
I'm so excited! TCD (The Carpenters Daughter) monthly email newsletter came today and I was mentioned along with Curves... How cool is that? Very very cool!!!! Thanks Caroline... looking smoking hot by the way...

I wore my new TCD dress on Sunday but I was far too busy with Sunday things to take picts and by the time I had time I looked far too haggard lol! So tomorrow I'm going to take my daughter, and my camera to the park... and take some real photos... 

This Saturday some of us girls are heading to Palmerston North for a girls day out in honour of the 30th birthday of Mrs 'Optimus' Prime, YAY! Looking forward to that... I'll post all about it on Saturday when I get home.

I was so disappointed that the Sweedish Hasbeen's I ordered from Buy Invite NZ aaaages ago didn't come through... aren't they're just beautiful? Yes! Boo hoo! They are!  Especially in the green, oh well, I got a refund and now have to wait for another sale to come up. 

Anyway, till we meet again on Saturday why don't you go and visit some of my friends at some of my fav blogs...

...I'm loving Julie's ombre hair and gorgeous yellow dress here.  I think this will be the next thing I do to my hair, I wish I had her length as well, but the colour ROCKS!!!

...Jo's got a beautiful Mother's Day Brunch up here, complete with recipies, Mother's day is this Sunday for N.Z...

...Victoria is so lucky, recieving some lovely packages this week, check out her pressies here, she's also joined the iPhone4s gang YAY!

...And if you havent already checked out my new business venture blog with the Fantastic Mrs Fox pop in here for a browse.

Have you heard of HCG drops?  If you have let me know, positive or not so positive I want to know please.  Thanks.

Ok, see you on Saturday
Mrs C

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