Sunday, 6 May 2012

Girls Day Out...

La la laaaa!

Yesterday was wonderful!!! 4 of us took off to Palmerston North for a little shopping spree day in honour of a 30th Birthday for Mrs Prime (as in 'Optimus Prime' lol).

So... We started at Ezibuy... but the store seems to have shrunk, everything felt squashed and we had to watch that we didn't knock clothes of the racks and unfortunately there was nothing for any of us here, so off we went and by then we're starving so we hit The Plaza  food court, just in time for a yummy late lunch...

Straight after lunch we did The Plaza circuit, starting at Bling where 'Miss Nay Nay' and 'Mrs N' brought a beautiful shoulder bag each, then we popped into each clothing store as we passed them... City Chic was amazing... we tried on so much and oh'd and ah'd quite a lot!

By the time we reached Glasson's My 'Mummy' and 'Miss Parnz' had arrived and 'Miss Parnz' was on a serious mission to help 'Mrs Prime' find some beautiful bargains... so it was double time in the changing rooms.
Surprisingly (but not really) the best place was KMart! Full of great and beautiful bargains. 'Mrs N' was on a roll! So we spent a good chunk of time in here... Stopping for a frozen yoghurt's as well...

Suddenly, it was 5.20pm and all the stores started closing, so it was a quick rush around to get those last chance bargains...
We brought our Girls Day Out to a close at China Inn Restaurant for dinner, the host was wonderful and the food was "Oh my goodness - SO GOOD!"

Then it was off home to our wonderful 'babysitting' hubbies and kiddies...
Don't you love a Girls Day Out?
It's not really often we do it, finances and lack of free time don't allow it more than once a year or so... but whether it's 2 of you or 10 of you, sister's or friends,
it's always a good day out.
When was your last great Girls Day Out?
Mrs C

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