Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Curves and Clothes...

Yeh... I'm a plus size mama... and its not something I ever planned to be and not something I plan to be forever... but I'm pretty easy, so I just roll with it... lol excuse the pun... 

When it comes to what I wear... I'm pretty happy with where my style is these days, it took me a while to get here, because this wasn't always the case... In the old days I would settle for an over sized, plain and somewhat sloppy 'Bob Charles' polo shirt which for me was actually a big HUGE no no! 

So... One day back in 2007, I woke up and thought "Man! I'm a woman!" haha! As funny an epiphany that was, it was one nonetheless!  So with the help of my nearest and dearest BFF, I focused on nurturing the confidence I needed to change and eventually find my style.   Afterall curvy women need to wear clothes too... so why not be happy in them???

A good friend of mine has asked me to come along to a meeting of church women tomorrow night and run a little workshop on this topic... I'm flattered although totally daunted because I truly do not think of myself as a fashion guru... but I think I've learnt alot about my own personal style in the last 4 and bit years... so this is what I will share with them tomorrow... 

check it out...

How I found personal style:

What's my body shape? 
This was really important.  I concluded that I am an hourglass shape... thats right curves up top and curves down low... and a waist somewhere in between.

What's my best style? 
In trying and failing, and trying again, I've concluded that my shape is best suited to the baby-doll style.... instead of wearing belts around my waist, I'll wear them higher up, even under my bust, same goes with tops and dresses. These bring me in at the waist and helps to show the hourglass thats here somewhere lol.

Am I comfy?
I have never in my life worn a 'mini' skirt... They're just not me, even in my slimmer 'young adult' years... Only I can know how uncomfortable they are for me, as you would know what is for you.  On the other hand maxi skirts make me feel tall and floaty, I love the feeling a good maxi gives me.

In saying that...
...and at the risk of contradicting myeslf... Sometimes we all need to take a little step out of our comfort zone... but only if its good for us... for example; I will never wear a mini skirt and I'm sure the community will thank me for that... however it wasnt too long ago that wearing dresses, to anywhere other than church, made me uncomfortable and now they feature considerably in my wardrobe, I just LOVE a good dress! 

Nurture style confidence...
Confidence is the best accessory and it goes with anything and everything! 

Try mixing; you'll be surprised how great florals go with stripes.  Mix vintage with ultra modern, try colours you havent worn before. 'Over-wear' items ROCK! Jackets, blazers, cardigans, vests... give them all a go!

Belts, scarves, hat's, bags, rings, earrings, necklaces's, gloves, stockings, tights... there is so much... use them!  Use them ALL!!!

Shoes glorious shoes! I have always loved shoes, but only in recent years have I had the opportunity to nuture this love... so I have converse chucks, nike sneakers, clogs, boots, lots of sandals and jandals, heels, flats, chunkie soles and mary-janes.  I would never have imagine myself owning a pair of cowboy boots 4 years ago, but I own a pair now and I love them!  If you have a great pair of beautiful shoes to compliment your outfit you'll have a winner.

So... I hear you ask, what is my style... well I'm pretty ecclectic, but I stick to my own personal basics as noted above... these are some of the things you will find in my everyday wardrobe...
  • vintage dresses
  • home made dresses
  • denim jacket
  • corded jacket
  • long vintage coats
  • a variety of jeans colours and styles
  • easy tops (easy as in can wear with anything)
  • fitted t-shirts (which I wear under lots of things)
  • tunic/long singlet type tops (because I love to layer)
  • a couple of belts
  • several scarves

Whatever your personal style, make sure you love it!  If you don't love it then I'd say it's time to lump it... changing your style won't cost a lot if you go to sales, thrift stores etc.  Although I reccomend maybe spending a little extra on staple items, like a good quality pair of shoes.

Don't forget to spend a little time getting re-acquainted with your hair and make up...  And don't forget... we may be mama's and nana's but we are still girls!  And playing with hair and make up will always be fun, don't you agree?

Anyway whatever you do and whatever you wear, have fun doing it, and have fun wearing it...

Mrs C


  1. I love this post, you look so gorgeous in all of your outfits! Totally agree about the hair and makeup :) x

    1. Hi Michelle, how wonderful to meet you, your blog is wonderful little piece of mumma magic, I thinks its lovely! I have popped over for a visit and we are officially blog buddies, lets keep in touch... take care xox

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    1. Hi Alex, thanks for visiting, sorry I'm still a greenie when it comes to blogging and I must really put some contact details up, I've had a look at inspirationalartshop.com and I think it is a little corner of the web that I would be happy to promote and affiliate myself with. I'll go back and affiliate myself... thanks for visiting :)

  3. Great post you should join in with some of us other mamas at sailorspy on wednesdays doing wardrobe weds, It is very friendly and there are prizes every month and you get to see what other people are wearing too!

    1. Thanks Miriam, I'll definitely come and join in what fun! Looking forward to getting to know you and the beautiful mama's xox


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