Thursday, 17 May 2012

Super Sunday Styles.... kind of....

So, on Sunday I wore an outfit that you have already seen on here... this one...

I decided instead, to show you my absolute favourite 'go to' dress, if I ever have trouble getting dressed and get that 'I have nothing to wear!' feeling, I will usually 'go to' this dress...

I scored it from Trade Me about 2 years ago...

On Saturday I took the son to Levin for his rugby game.  It was a very close game and I was very proud of my boy and his team who played really well and won 26-29... only 3 points difference!!!  Really exciting game! 

By the time the game was over the sun was out so I got out of the gumboots and jeans and got into my dress. I was so glad I had packed it, there were so many beautiful shops on the way home and I think we stopped at all of them hehe! 

We spent a bit of time in Shannon on the way home and we found this wall which we thought would make a great style post back ground... What do you think?

I decided the Shannon is a cute and funky little town,  with it's rugby pride well and truly in tact according to this wall...

I've never been to Levin or Shannon before so I was pleased to have the excuse to visit...

Highlights of my week...
  • Morning hugs from 4 sleepy eyed children 
  • Chocolate swap with my mum
  • Church
  • Home for a yummy early lunch cooked by Mr C
  • Hot apple crumble pudding YUM!
  • Miss Parns left to catch her flight to the STATES!!! So Jealous I am!
  • Choir practise
  • Supper
  • grape juice and chocolate in bed
Style workshop
I did a little style workshop with some wonderful women in Featherston last night, it was super cool! I talked a little bit about myself, then we got down to the nitty gritty... over the last few weeks, the awesome organiser 'Felicity' and her crew have been collecting clothes from the ladies that they don't wear anymore... they sorted them into sizes, tops and bottoms and the girls were let loose... I was absolutely delighted to be asked to help them find some cute free outfits. 

The highlight of my night was 73 year old Nella... she admitted to me that she always wears skirts so wanted me to help her find some trouser outfits and we found two, she was totally delighted...

The only disappointing thing about last night was I totally missed the opportunity to take some fantastic photos to share with you... I apologise...

But thanks Felicity, so much for inviting me down to the South of Wairarapa to share with you all, I had a ball!!!

Have a lovely rest of the week y'all
Mrs C

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