Thursday, 1 March 2012


Last night my 2 tweens and I watched episode 4 of 'Once Upon a time'.  May I just say "YAY! finally... a television series worth looking forward too..."  I think the last series I looked forward too every week was Roswell and that was like 10 years ago! 

Tonight is relax night... last night my lovely mother-in-law (the original Mrs C haha!) brought over a pot of pork and vege chow mein and bowl of leftover rice from a catering job she's been doing and may I just say mmmmmmmm and yum-oh!!! And double woo-hoo...I don't have to cook tonight...

Soooo... I've taken a leisurely evening stroll through Blog-land, I have found and made some great new blog-buddies and I'm about ready for a bowl of ice cream and a movie.... Scrape that... the original Mrs C just walked in with a plate of Lemon Merigue Pie and a pot of chicken curry WOHOO! No cooking tomorrow either! 
And look she brought me some new slippers, my toes are so toasty... the o'riginal Mrs C' totally ROCKS!!!

And.... YAY!!!! LOOK! Curves is well on it's way to our 2000th visitor... WOHOO!  I know I'm overdoing the woohoo's tonight...

Hope your Friday has been as good as mine
Mrs C

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