Monday, 5 March 2012


I'm a lucky girl because I have some great friends, but even if I weren't so lucky, I'd still consider myself to be very fortunate because I have sister's... 3 younger one's to be precise. 

There are 8 siblings in my family, I'm number 3 followed closely by number 4, my twin sissy and 5 minutes to be precise again... And today I'm introducing you to number 6... So it is my pleasure to present Miss Parnz...

Things I like about Miss Parnz...
  • She's super friendly.
  • She's passionate about many things and not afriad to defend any one of them.
  • She's Super talented, she writes and composes songs and she plays the guitar.
  • She really knows how to apply make up.
  • Always willing to help - she's helping me with the $20 vintage makeovers, I'm wardrobe, she's make up.
  • A good Aunty... she's one of those Aunties who rewards good behaviour with great treats.
  • She can sport the highest pair of heels ever and not fall over haha!
There's alot of things that I like about my sister and these are just a few...

I'm sure Miss Parnz would love to do a post or two for you all here one day so keep an eye out...

And here is my Super Sunday outfit...

Dress: Vintage thrifted $4, I love this pleated dress, it feels so feminie and floaty on, and the colour is just me... I love pinks, reds and greens... I was so lucky to find this and you don't have to tell me what a total score this was... and lets face it, it's certainly an exciting thing to find a vintage dress that fits!
Shoes: Wedges borrowed (from Miss Parnz)
Jacket: Grace Hill
Accessories: My mummy's pearls

So what do you think of the pretty pleated $4 dress?

Now... I have 3 sisters.. eventually I'll get to introduce them all to you we all love to sing, so last year we named ourselves 'Tuahine' which is the maori word for sister's, and we went out and did a few gigs, it was awesome fun and something so special about doing this kind of thing with your sisters.  We don't do it so much anymore since my twin sissy moved to Australia, but we'll jump at most chances to perform for the simple fact that we LOVE too... 

I'm going to get the old Canon out and show you my beautiful home town soon.  Ya'll come back now ya hear?

Have a blissful rest of the week and keep warm...
Mrs C

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