Saturday, 17 March 2012


So do you remember the Mob of sheep running through town?  Down the middle of Queen St? (picts from Ifie)...

 Well that week we were lucky enough to attend the finals night as an entertainment group for Kapahaka (maori performing arts).  We performed 2 haka (including the one done by the All Blacks) and 2 songs...  All this while a huge entourage of V.I.P's entered the venue... and we didn't realise that they were V.I.P as such until we took our seats and did some crowd scanning... and found a couple of the most notable including Prime Minister John Key, sitting with the Governor General Lt Gen Rt Hon Sir Jerry Mateparae... So that was pretty exciting... but what was even more exciting was that all our kids were up on stage performing with us, that makes me really proud as a parent that I can look around me on stage and see my whole family, being steadfast in our culture and willing and able to share it with others... Mr C is the guitarist for our little kapahaka group, so he's pretty V.I.P himself lol.  Here are a few more picts Golden Shears week... enjoy...

This is the 'Powhir'i - official welcome at the local Marae, a couple of the men folk have just finished the 'Wero', a challenge where a token is laid on the ground in front of the 'Manuhiri' (visitors) - if the visitors pick up the token they come in peace... if they don't pick it up or stand on it... there's trouble... it's pretty much symbolic these days but is an important part of the welcome.

Miss Parnz and I on our way to hit the stage... remember when I said I don't wear sleeveless tops etc?  I lied a little... because the exception is my 'professional cultural performance costume,  I think there is a definite difference between this and daily dressing... and it's usually only once a blue moon... what do you think?

The V.I.P's (in the first few rows) all seated and ready for some shearing action... Yes! we performed on stage in front of all these people... whoa!

The first competitors take to the stage, check their gear and wait for the green light, the men in blue are the judges or something like that... what I know for sure is they weren't shearing lol... in fact it was very professional and it has certainly 'classed' up a LOT since the last time we performed there 2 years ago... I mean 2 years ago they had the scantily clad 'Tui girls' take the boys to the stage, but look at the classy ladies this year... even bearing flags... Pretty flash alright!

The ladies in the pink are the 'Rousies', these chicks are professionals in their own right and they even have events for 'Rousie's' to compete in, these girls are some of the top in their field.

 John Kirkpatrick of good old New Zealand was named World Champion for 2012... Good stuff Johnny!

All in all it was an extremely exciting evening which the whole family was able to enjoy... admittedly our 5 year old had counted all the sheep and was fast asleep by the time we left but she enjoyed herself on stage smiling for all the camera's I'll have to see if we can find some picts for you all... and while she was awake in the stands...  So I guess we look forward to next year's Golden Shears being even bigger and better huh...

Till then G.S
Mrs C

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