Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A Fuzzy dress...

I missed Super Sunday this week,
so here is what I wore to work on Wednesday...
Dress: Vintage from Fuzzy
Cardi: borrowed from Miss Parnz
Bag: Thrifted - Colorado genuine leather - woohoo!
Glasses: cheapo's from a cheapo shop lol
Earrings: handmade rolled and dyed harakeke (flax plant)
Shoes: clogs - Sweedish Hasbeens

Let me just say that I love this outfit, REALLY love it...
BUT not on ME!

This is a great a dress... but there is just one word that summed up this whole outfit for me today... uncomfortable... three reasons:
  • I needed my 'tighties' underneath but I ended up peeling these off in relief around morning tea time - so I could breathe lol, but in doing so I was left feeling a little bit tummy conscious for the rest of the day...
  • The cardi was too short for my liking , I kept yanking at it all day... just plain annoying really.
  • and you know me and that I will usually wear pants under a dress this length...

So I'm highly inclined to not wear this outfit again until I loose at least 10kg or 15kg, not that I'm strictly dieting (really who can be bothered with that lol) and it's not because I don't like the way it looks, but because I didn't like the way it felt...

...BUT...  in saying all that, I did get a few lovely compliments throughout the day including this one...

"I like your shoes, in fact your whole outfit is cool!"
Thank you Nurse D.

So mission accomplished
(mission being; not looking like a dag at work)

The colours are just GORGEOUS aren't they???

Yes. They are....

So what did you wear today?

Last night, I got my 14 year old son to give me a haircut... well a trim more like, although it feels pretty short, its still a good length. Now my hair feels much healthier and thicker... oh and just so you know, my son is a very talented artist, he's very particular and careful, so unless your 14 year old son is a little bit like mine, I wouldn't recommend it haha!

SO... Have you ever done a Triathlon? WELL... I'm doing a Duathlon on Saturday, 5k walk, 10k bike, 3k walk. My sister (Mrs Yrex) is verrrrrry persuasive and talked me into it, yikes! Well I guess you'll find out all about it in a few days. 

I'm quite prepared to complete the whole thing and I'm not at all ashamed of coming last lol... well maybe just a little, teeny bit shame. so lets hope my recent morning hill walks gets me through this...
wish me luck...

Mrs C

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