Saturday, 24 March 2012

A sweet little birthday girl...

Today was my niece's 1st birthday party, so the kids and I took the 1 and a half hour drive over the Rimutaka hill to Kapiti Coast, Paraparaumu to celebrate with my sister and her little family...

I took my camera, but my sissy quickly presented me with their new Olympus ohhhh-ahhhh, nice! 

This camera has an Art setting which means all the photos below were set on different Art options on the camera, meaning I didn't have to edit them once they got onto the laptop, this is how they were taken... very easy, although I must say I do like having a little bit of editing control. 

That said, I did have lots of fun snapping away... Before we see what baby Elva thought of her day I want to show you these...

This is my handsome little nephew gladly demonstrating one of his Aunty's brilliant creations... it's a cupcake in an ice cream cone... my sister literally poured the cupcake mixture into the cone, and put them into the oven... isn't she a clever cupcake... she's never done it before so the were a little messy but... what a great idea!  And the kids thought they were awesome, along with many of the adults also... next time you make cupcakes try doing it in a cone...

Now back to the party girl and her thoughts of the day...

What a great day! Everyone is fussing over little old me! YAY!
These cookies are so good mama!
Boy! My cousin is handsome!
I just love pink!
I love my big cousin
Wait a minute! What's going on here?
Mmmmm, that is gooooood!
OHHHH! It's CAKE! This has got to be a staple food right?
Thank you for a lovely day mummy and daddy, YOU's ROCK!
I'll be ready for a nap soon!

Isn't she just lovely?
Yes... she is!
Have a beautiful weekend
Mrs C


  1. That looks like it was so fun! Love the ice cream cone cupcakes. Cutest blog!

  2. Thanks Emily... yes a few more practises and those cone cupcakes will be perfect... ya know if you get the twirling frosting just right they will actually look like real ice cream in cones... so cute huh.. thanks for following and sharing your thoughts you TOTALLY just made my day x


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