Friday, 14 June 2013

The Great Debate...

 So... Are you are kiwi living in Australia? 
I'm interested to know... do you like it?  Do you love it?  Do you Loathe it?  Do you tolerate it?
When I had my little visit with my twin sissy a couple of weeks ago, its fair to say that she's really enjoying her time there, they have a beautiful brand new 4 bedroom home they are renting and they are raising their kiddies as little Maozzies (Maori-Ozzies).  Truth be told though, the kids seem to love it over there too.  My sissy respects Australia and sings the national anthem loud and proud!  Don't get me wrong though, she still backs black!
I totally get it!  I get why kiwi's flock there by the thousands each year... and I'm getting itchy feet... my sister has put down the invitation... "come over!" she said, "it's great!"  and it's very very tempting.  Mr C and I are contemplating it... not so seriously to worry anyone at the moment... but contemplating nonetheless. 
Perhaps when I was over there I was impressed by the cheap shopping and the seemingly wonderful lifestyle, but like all kiwis I wonder about the snakes and the spiders and the biting ants!  Even though my sister has assured me that she hasn't seen any snakes in the time she's been there (just about 2 years) but... it still freaks me out!
Now New Zealand... it's home!  I love our green country and the way we can go bare feet in the grass in summer, I love the little hikes up the mountains and swimming in the crystal clear rivers... I love the summer and I love the winter and it all just seems too hard to pack up and leave for anything else... even if it is for some kind of financial gain. 
We have been pretty blessed as a family with the jobs that we have and leaving them would be a huge leap into insecurity and financial uncertainty... 
I feel like we could totally go...
but then I feel like we couldn't possibly go!!!
But are you happy there?  Would you pack up your family and move there?
Anyway... It's Friday and I'm a bit rambly tonight...
I'm going to do a 'Super Sunday' post and a 'Vintage love' post this week so keep an eye out...
I hope your toes are warm and your belly is satisfied!
Mrs C


  1. Oh gosh that's a hard one! I lived there for almost 2 years before I moved to the US. There are definitely advantages - shopping is cheaper, wages are higher - great outdoor lifestyle! Disadvantages - unless you love heat, Summer is opressive! Your kids are growing up and before you know it they'll be uni age - with the laws about NZers not being eligible for cheaper schooling and student loans, the amount it will cost will make up for any shopping money you've saved. I don't like the idea of living there, paying taxes, but not being eligible for many services.

    I think it comes down to where will you be happiest? Being near your sister is a big thing to consider - that would be so wonderful for you! Do you have other family there? Would you be pining for family/culture/scenery/lifestyle from back home in NZ? I think you'd love it there but miss the culture of NZ terribly! If you're doing OK in NZ I'd say stay and just make lots of trips to Oz! It is tempting though - I get it, I really do!

  2. Wow! Joanne, Thank you! You really put it all in perspective and you're speaking from experience... you're right though there are definite pros and cons to both options. Yes, I will be pining for my home town and my home region Wairarapa... and yes the heat is wicked over there! Oh well lots to think about... dear me! xox

  3. Well I long as we are should be too!!! haha! Seriously though at the moment we are having financial difficulties even so I think we are coping with them much better than we would be at home. Even with Shauns degree in landscape architecture (which he got at home in NZ) he is still finding it hard to find a job that suits...(I told him he shouldve done computers or something more general!) But we said we would give Australia a good go before we give up and go home and we plan too. I sing the national anthem loud n proud at Church on Australia day because I respect it for the service we are able to receive and that it can give us a better life than what NZ can at the moment.
    If yous are set up at home which I think yous are with your job then there is no real reason to come over, I would suggest checking with AUS immigration to see if you and Mr. are still classed as eligible NZ residents because you were both here in 2001 when the laws changed. If you are then you will be looked after. If you are after a change of lifestyle, warm weather and a backyard of fun theme parks then I would say cmon over. I've chased huntsman spiders (harmless) out of our house, a toad out of our garage and a brightly coloured green frog as well...fortunatley no snakes or nasty spiders and knock on wood it stays that way!! Yep come over I dont think yous will regret it, if you do, Bring Mum! x

  4. Lol! yes I think mum will definitely come with us if we come over. When I can back from our visit with you I was totally "lets go! Lets pack up n go!" Mum thought it wasn't a bad idea too... I totally loved out little visit to you... lets just say there is some serious list-writing needed on our behalf... and yes as you say we are pretty set up here which is lucky for us... oh well keep an eye and ear out xox


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