Monday, 24 June 2013

I'm a Thriftaholic - Serious Vintage Love...

Hey there!
So... its been a while since my last "Vintage Love" post, so there's a few things I want to share with you today, hope you enjoy...



Top left: I found this little piece at the Salvation Army, I call it "Bambi and Mumma" I sit it on the piano, its so cute, though a little bit pricey at $15 its still a cute little buy, you probably would pay twice that much at a vintage shop...
Top right: This set of divine green vinyl suit cases caught my eye at a Lions Rotary Garage Sale, and at $10 for the set I was sold... literally!  You can see the airline tag on the small one because I packed all my photography gears in here and took it to Melbourne and Brisbane with me, and I got lots of compliments for it too...

 I found this lovely little cabinet also at the Salvation Army for $30.  I love it because now I finally  have somewhere to stash my little collection of cute personal stuff that were otherwise spread all over the house... I'm contemplating painting it white... or sanding it back and giving it a darker coat of matt finish poly... what do you think would look better?

Bottom shelf: These special items can now be safely displayed; my carved jewellery box given to me as a farewell gift when I left my job at school... The greenstone patu is one of the only things my husband was lucky to receive from his grandfather's estate, its very special.  My beautiful Crown Lynn Swan which I saw the exact same one at a vintage shop for $120 but scored my one on Trade Me for $48.  My Grandmothers glasses, they're a beautiful mustard/yellow, bumpy-embossed-very-retro pitchers.
Bottom shelf: my carved jewellery box from my Mum and Dad for my 21st birthday, I have my twin sisters one as well, as it hasn't yet made its way to Australia. A beautiful vase which is reminiscent of the Crown Lynn design which I love so much but its English made, not NZ.  My teeny coloured kete from a market and a hand made woollen tiki (I just love tiki's)  and finally a couple of silver embossed handheld mirrors which I snagged from different garage sales...
On top: a vintage floral bowl full of little printed photos which is really cool because I don't have to log on and find them somewhere on my hard drive to show people.  A gorgeous sewing box from another garage sale, its full of playing cards and knuckle bones.  The set of candle holders were $4 from... can you guess?  Yes.  A garage sale! lol.  And lastly a beautiful paua shell from one of Mr C's diving expeditions.

Above the cabinet:  I found this beautiful coat hanger at a home décor sale and instead of hanging hats and umbrellas off it, I decided to show off some of our kete (woven kits) between my mumma, my sister and myself we have quite a few beautiful ones.  I love the little sign we have hanging here, its one of the only home décor things I brought with me when we moved back to NZ from living in Sydney back in 2003, 10 years ago!!
Have you scored any beautiful vintage bargains lately?
Mrs C


  1. i love everything about this post x just followed your blog!

  2. Hi Lisa, thank u for comment and thanks for following too. I just love vintage and so glad u like my little collection in this post. Take care xox


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