Friday, 7 June 2013

1 Wedding, 2 Cities, 3 Nights, 4 Days...

I'm home! Yay! And wow! What a trip! It's basically all in the title of this post...

Day 1;
Melbourne... The Wedding.
Well you remember when I went to Dubbo for this wedding? Well on Saturday was the wedding of the Dubbo Groom's Brother, yes another son of The Fantastic Mrs Fox.  So My brother and I took the trip across the ditch to celebrate with the Fox family... The new Mr & Mrs Fox were married in the LDS Temple in Melbourne it was a beautiful and of course emotional service. Afterwards Mrs Fox Snr and I once again became the photographers.  This time I was lucky to get to do the bride and groom, here are some of my fav's...


After the official shoot, I spied the bride and groom playing about which I thought looked super cute...

Day 2;
Brisbane - Reunited
Early Sunday morning we took the 2 hour flight to Gold Coast to reunite with my twin and her family in Brisbane. It was totally fabulous catching up with Mrs K. Her babies have grown so big and her little girl is just too cute for words... Yep, THAT cute!!! We stopped off at the beach for a quick little photo shoot, the little boys got soaked! That afternoon we went to church then had family over for dinner who we haven't seen for YEARS!!!


Day 3;
Gold Coast - Movie World
Yes! We're basically all just kids at heart and Movie World was so fun!  My favourite ride was the Superman roller coaster, it was crazy!  We got to catch up with another cousin today as well which was awesome!  We managed to do some shopping at Jindalee DFO, I love Jindalee DFO!!!  If you ever have the chance to go to a DFO... GO!!!!
Day 4;
We spent a wonderful morning having breakfast with more family we haven't seen in years!  We had so much fun talking at the CafĂ© we ended up having lunch there as well lol!!!  Then it was more shopping back at DFO and Aldi.  A rush to the Airport, big hugs and kisses and home on Virgin Australia...  HOME!!!
So... I'm still really tired and finishing off the rest of the wedding photos, thank goodness its the weekend, I think I'll have an early night.
Till next time
Mrs C

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