Wednesday, 8 May 2013

A Special Award Ceremony...

I know... another photography post you say? 
Yes!  But I have just been so fortunate to have had some pretty cool photographic opportunities lately and I'm keen to share them with you...
Plus I like to add it here for my own records...
This shoot was super exciting for me because I had the opportunity to take shots of some NZ political celebrities.... how cool is that?  Super cool!
The Event: 
A notable attendee: 
Hon Dr Pita Sharples who gave an amazing opening address.
Me... I felt extremely shy about using my flash in the grand hall during such an auspicious event.  I didn't want people distracted from the significance of the occasion because some crazy chick with a camera was shooting off a massive flash every 10 seconds.  So I spent quite a bit of time prior to the event adjusting settings on my camera inside the empty room.  Although this was really helpful, I still think that using the flash really would have helped with the quality of the shots, but overall I was ok with what I got.
Use of photos:  The photos will be used in promoting the scholarship all over the place... woohoo!
Last thoughts:  I am so inspired by the recipients of this years scholarship.  After the awards ceremony I felt like I could've totally quit my job and run off to study somewhere... you know to become a Doctor of Fine Arts or a Master of Design... lol... Whoa there!!!  Back it up Mrs C!  One day... 
 Anyway I wish them all the best in their amazing future endeavours and will be watching out for their imminent future successes... I'm so excited for them all, congratulations guys!

Take care
Mrs C


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