Friday, 17 May 2013

A Pretty Portrait...

I'm happy to say that after a trying, exhausting and painful few days, Utah-Beth is recuperating at a good pace and Holly, Beth's daughter, has been keeping us updated via Facebook.  Thank you for all your prayers and I hope you continue to get back to your old self soon my friend xox
Today, my daughter and I decided to have a quick photo shoot just outside in the garden.  We dressed her up in old time Maori style costume and I kept the style of the shots vintage.  I think they came out really gorgeous! 

What do you think?

I love these, my daughter Miss Maizee is so photogenic!
I hope you love them too...
So... The sports season started last week,
Kana had his first rugby game last week...

and the girls had their first netball game today... Miss Muki played her first game ever today, she was hungry for the ball, running all over the place, hands in the air, jumping all over the place... she was awesome!

We've been enjoying the feijoas off our trees... YUM!

 Our chapel has been undergoing some major reconstruction work to make it more earthquake proof... I drove past last week, the old steeple has come down and the new one is going up...

Hope all is going awesome for everyone...
My kids are doing a bit of modelling for some publications that work are doing.  The photographer is totally professional and I'm going to be watching him carefully
I can't wait to share those with you soon...
take care and "brrrrrrr" keep warm!!!
Mrs C

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