Sunday, 1 July 2012

A very productive time in bed...

Woohoo! we went for a short Sunday stroll yesterday, a very short stroll, but it just means I'm beginning to get out and about again... Yay!

And yes! I am pretty darn determined that today will be the last day I spend in bed... I mean I have things to do people!!!

Here are a few of the fabulous things I've found / done / read whilst stuck in my 'oh-so-comfy' bed... in no particular order...

Went online-window-shopping at Etsy

And found some wonderful sayings / quotes / art at Pinterest...

I suppose there are great things about being stuck in bed, here's a few, and they are even greater because I know they are all coming to an end very soon...
  1. I'm soooooo warm.
  2. I'm soooooo comfy propped up with all my pillows.
  3. I only have to get up when I want too (or to go to the loo).
  4. My kids are trying to be really good so they don't disturb mama too much.
  5. Every now and then each one of my kids will hop in bed with me for a little chat or a cuddle. (this one won't end antime soon fortunately)
  6. I get to catch up on what my blog buddies are doing.
  7. I get to catch up on my blog.
  8. I've finally had time to figure out 'Pinterest', yes I'm all set up and have been adding to my boards like crazy! Woohoo!
  9. No house cleaning for me woop woop! - Obviously there is a downside to this... aaaandI'm sure I'll see the full effect of the downside tomorrow...

So even tho its been a serious pain the butt (or 'back') I've had fun...

Hopefully I'm up for a 'Super Sunday' this week, I havent done one in ages! I miss them!

See you soon
Mrs C

P.S I have my 2 awesome nephews and 2 fab nieces visiting for a week or so... the kids just LOVE holidays. (me too!)

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  1. Oh I am sorry to hear. Bed rest is the worst. I so wish I had known about Pinterest when I was on bed rest. Looks like you are finding ways to stay busy : )


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