Saturday, 21 July 2012

Super Sunday... At Last...

Yes, I know its been such a long time since I've done a Super Sunday post... BUT listen up because I'm about to hit you with a seriously personal experience... good... and bad!

THE BAD: So... the honest truth? I stopped posting Super Sunday's because I felt I had put on too much weight... and I felt my curves were turning into one big curve, you know... kinda like a beachball (lol)...

THE GOOD: Anyway, on June 14th I started an amazing programme, a holistic approach to weight loss that focus's on physical, mental and emotional well being.  I'm not going to get into all the details because it's a whole other story... infact, its probably a whole other blog... but I want to share with you that in the last 6 amazing weeks I have lost 15.5kg's!!! (thats around 34 pounds!)

I'd never want to be super teeny-skinny (ie. Posh-Spice), for me that would be plain un-natural, besides I love being curvy, it's part of what makes me a woman, and we women are amazingly awesome!!! 
But today is the first time in aggggggeeess that I have wanted to do a Super Sunday post...
So here it is... Super Sunday, I hope you enjoy it...

Dress: TCD dress as worn in this post.
Shoes: my new, super gorgeous Sweedish Hasbeens sky high t-bar clogs... they arrived in the post last week from Modcloth, so dreamy and comfy. Yep I got it bad with this pair, seriously shoe-smitten!!!
Bag: a beautiful vintage thrift shop score $2
Scarf: Pure silk Garage sale score 50c

 It's really very annoying that some of my favourite clothes are now too big, BOOOOO!!!! However I can now properly fit into more of my gorgeous vintage dress collection that have been sorrowfully stored in my wardrobe for a wee while now, WOOHOOO!!!!!

Hope you are feeling as awesome as I am...

Mrs C

P.S if you're interested in the programme I am doing check it out at Facebook here.


  1. 15.5kgs!!!! serious wolf whistle!!! Looking good sistah!!! Ive just been so terrible after having little girl... Sonny said "are you having another baby Mum??" well not like this I aint!! lol! Sooo.. day 1 of my totally absolutley serious weight loss program! Banana smoothie and creamy egg omelette for brekky!... I like it so far!!!

    1. Awesome! Good luck!!! I'm sending some serious positive twin vibes to you right now xox


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