Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Train playlist...

This week my son helped me to put some new songs on Ifie... its nice to be able to sit on the train in the morning, enjoy the beautiful view whilst listening to some of my fav's. 
These are some of my most favourite songs from movies and now I can listen to them whenever I like...
Do you like these songs too?
The Diva Dance - The 5th Element
By Sarah Brightman
As the world falls down - The Labrynith
By David Bowie

The House of Healing - Return of the King
by Liv Tyler

Glory of love - The Karate Kid 2
By Peter Cetera
Never wanna be without you - Cool as Ice
By Vanilla Ice

He still loves me - The Fighting Tempations
By The Fighting Temptations
Gosh! I have an eclectic taste in music... hehe!
Mrs C

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