Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Fifty Shades of what???

There's nothing better on a cold, wet weekend than a warm, soft bed and a great book...

Reading now;
The Wednesday Wizard Series by Sherryl Jordan.

I was very naughty and stole number 1 from my daughter before she had finished reading it, but I've finished it and returned it and have just started book 2 Denzil's Dilemma.

The genre of these books is one that I really love, of course it started off with Harry Potter.  Since reading the 7 Harry books, I have discovered the Charlie Bone series by Jenny Nimmo...

and now Denzil... As with Harry and  Charlie Bone, Denzil is a boy-wizard and is the mischievous apprentice of the great wizard Valvasor back in the middle ages.  This book sees Denzil get himself in to all sorts of trouble when he accidentally sends himself 700 years into the future; to a time of computers, T.V's and DVDs, cars, motorbikes and the rest.  He's lucky to land in the backyard of Samantha and her slightly wacky family who take him in... I enjoyed the quick easy read, thought it was well written and look forward to the rest of the series... I'd recommend this series to tween's of both gender's.

What I read before what I'm reading now;
I don't just read children's books, I enjoy Susan Elizabeth Phillips a lot.  Last week I was reading her novel 'What I did for love.'

Susan's novels are easy and light and they are perfect for a quick getaway of the mind when you don't have the time or energy to delve into huge epic series.  I've read a several of her novels, I found this ones plot a teeny bit predictable but enjoyable nonetheless.  Busy mum's would like this book and Susan never fails to deliver a wonderful 'happy ever after' ending.

Fifty shades of what?
No doubt anyone interested in books has heard of 'Fifty Shade of Grey'... and no, sorry, I haven't read it.  A friend told me how popular this book was about a month ago and I put it on reserve at the library where I was the 98th one to reserve it! 98th!!!  In our small town, that's a LOT of reserves. Since then I have found out more about the book... Lets face it, most romantic novels these days have sex in them... now, after hearing a lot about it, I know that this book is highly explicit. Each to their own I guess but I've chosen to not follow this hype this time, which is something I always do when it comes to books, so I cancelled my reserve and have allowed 99 to move up one lol! 

What next?
I picked up 'Delicious' by Nicky Pellegrino from the library today and I'm going to start reading it tonight.  Denzil can wait because I own the series... but for now its off to Italy and England with Nicky...

See you when I get back hehe!
Mrs C

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