Saturday, 28 July 2012

Super Sunday...

Apparently women with curves arent supposed to wear stripes... but I love stripes.  I've been looking for a stripey dress for a while now and I finally found one...

Dress: Farmers - Whistle
Shoes: My favourite Sweedish Hasbeens as worn last week... (yes I wore them again... the honeymoon is so not over lol!)

So what do you think?

These beautiful girls seem to agree with me... I think they look gorgeous!  Why don't you go over and visit them at their respective Blogs; they'll give you some serious curvaceous style inspiration...

Do you do stripes with your curves?

Mrs c


  1. Curves & stripes...heck yes!! I'm buying that same dress wen. I come home! Yay!

  2. YEYAH Baby... Twins forever lol!!!


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