Saturday, 28 July 2012

Super Sunday...

Apparently women with curves arent supposed to wear stripes... but I love stripes.  I've been looking for a stripey dress for a while now and I finally found one...

Dress: Farmers - Whistle
Shoes: My favourite Sweedish Hasbeens as worn last week... (yes I wore them again... the honeymoon is so not over lol!)

So what do you think?

These beautiful girls seem to agree with me... I think they look gorgeous!  Why don't you go over and visit them at their respective Blogs; they'll give you some serious curvaceous style inspiration...

Do you do stripes with your curves?

Mrs c

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Super Sunday... At Last...

Yes, I know its been such a long time since I've done a Super Sunday post... BUT listen up because I'm about to hit you with a seriously personal experience... good... and bad!

THE BAD: So... the honest truth? I stopped posting Super Sunday's because I felt I had put on too much weight... and I felt my curves were turning into one big curve, you know... kinda like a beachball (lol)...

THE GOOD: Anyway, on June 14th I started an amazing programme, a holistic approach to weight loss that focus's on physical, mental and emotional well being.  I'm not going to get into all the details because it's a whole other story... infact, its probably a whole other blog... but I want to share with you that in the last 6 amazing weeks I have lost 15.5kg's!!! (thats around 34 pounds!)

I'd never want to be super teeny-skinny (ie. Posh-Spice), for me that would be plain un-natural, besides I love being curvy, it's part of what makes me a woman, and we women are amazingly awesome!!! 
But today is the first time in aggggggeeess that I have wanted to do a Super Sunday post...
So here it is... Super Sunday, I hope you enjoy it...

Dress: TCD dress as worn in this post.
Shoes: my new, super gorgeous Sweedish Hasbeens sky high t-bar clogs... they arrived in the post last week from Modcloth, so dreamy and comfy. Yep I got it bad with this pair, seriously shoe-smitten!!!
Bag: a beautiful vintage thrift shop score $2
Scarf: Pure silk Garage sale score 50c

 It's really very annoying that some of my favourite clothes are now too big, BOOOOO!!!! However I can now properly fit into more of my gorgeous vintage dress collection that have been sorrowfully stored in my wardrobe for a wee while now, WOOHOOO!!!!!

Hope you are feeling as awesome as I am...

Mrs C

P.S if you're interested in the programme I am doing check it out at Facebook here.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A new obsession...

My Ganama had every colour of Crown Lynn Glazeware and seeing them brings back childhood memories of warm kitchen, lots of kids crowded around the red melamine pull out extension table, good food and lots of it...  

On Saturday I found some at a garage sale and must admit I'm now slightly obsessed with them and amazed at the deep buried memories that the mere sight of them has rehashed... But aren't they beautiful? Yes! They are!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Ifie Lifey... (Life from the IPhone)

The last few weeks have been lovely and restful... new shoes, new friends, thrifting and a visit to the pet shop all add up to... ahhhhh lovely...

Delivery #1

Delivery #2

Andrew Ross at work

A great family movie

Taking my visiting nephew for a farewell breakfast

A vintage suede jacket for $3

Vintage Gin bottles

A 21st birthday at a French cafe

Hayley's Red Velvet Cake is the BEST!

French bottles at the French Cafe

A visit to the pet shop

Mrs C

Sunday, 8 July 2012

A Vintage Vespa and a very Inspiring Person...

So do you remember the Super Photography Post with the beautiful little Vespa I spied sitting outside my neighbors house? I've watched with interest as this post has slowly but surely crept its way to the top of my most popular post's list...

Well today it happened again, I got home and saw this...

...Same spot, vintage Vespa, in the most beautiful colour!

So...I thought I'd go over and say 'hi' this time.
And I found Andrew Ross. He's not my neighbor but he practically grew up there hanging out with the boys that lived there.

I gave him a few of the cards that I had made here and this is what I found out about Andrew.

He owns 8 vintage Vespa's, YES! 8!!!  Some dating back to the early 1950's.  He's been collecting them since his late teens and 5 of them actually work, the other's being works in progress. How cool is that? Super Cool I say! 

Aaaaaaand... He's a photographer too, when I barged into the neighbors backyard to meet him he was taking photos with this stunning old camera.

I told him of my love of vintage style photoshoots and asked if he thought I could use one of his Vespa's for a prop, not only did he say yes, but he said he has the perfect one for me to use (Think 'Roman Holiday'.). Woohoo!

I'm so excited and I can't wait for the weather to warm up a bit and do this shoot.  I have my model... and I have my prop, yay!  And now I need to go shopping for wardrobe double yay!

If you want to see more of Andrew's work go and have a look here or here.  He's really a very, very accomplished photographer and I consider it an honor to have met him. 

And Here is a fabulous documentary from VIMEO about Andrew and you get to see him riding around on his beautiful Vespa (the white one)

Those of you in Wellington, Andrew currently has some works on display at our National Mueseum Te Papa, go along and have a peek.

Take care
Mrs C

Sunday, 1 July 2012

A very productive time in bed...

Woohoo! we went for a short Sunday stroll yesterday, a very short stroll, but it just means I'm beginning to get out and about again... Yay!

And yes! I am pretty darn determined that today will be the last day I spend in bed... I mean I have things to do people!!!

Here are a few of the fabulous things I've found / done / read whilst stuck in my 'oh-so-comfy' bed... in no particular order...

Went online-window-shopping at Etsy

And found some wonderful sayings / quotes / art at Pinterest...

I suppose there are great things about being stuck in bed, here's a few, and they are even greater because I know they are all coming to an end very soon...
  1. I'm soooooo warm.
  2. I'm soooooo comfy propped up with all my pillows.
  3. I only have to get up when I want too (or to go to the loo).
  4. My kids are trying to be really good so they don't disturb mama too much.
  5. Every now and then each one of my kids will hop in bed with me for a little chat or a cuddle. (this one won't end antime soon fortunately)
  6. I get to catch up on what my blog buddies are doing.
  7. I get to catch up on my blog.
  8. I've finally had time to figure out 'Pinterest', yes I'm all set up and have been adding to my boards like crazy! Woohoo!
  9. No house cleaning for me woop woop! - Obviously there is a downside to this... aaaandI'm sure I'll see the full effect of the downside tomorrow...

So even tho its been a serious pain the butt (or 'back') I've had fun...

Hopefully I'm up for a 'Super Sunday' this week, I havent done one in ages! I miss them!

See you soon
Mrs C

P.S I have my 2 awesome nephews and 2 fab nieces visiting for a week or so... the kids just LOVE holidays. (me too!)