Thursday, 20 December 2012

Wait! What? It's Christmas Already???

Like seriously! 

Where did that come from? 

Christmas obviously put some super gorgeous sneaking shoes on and
fully snuck up behind me...

You'll be completely horrified to know that I don't have one
single Christmas present under the tree (unless you count the annual edible gift from the neighbours) and Christmas day is a mere 5 days away...

I feel like this is the most unorganised Christmas I have ever organised!

Things have not been ticking along as nicely as I would like them too in our house over the past few weeks. But putting all that aside...
lets get on with Christmas!!! 

So here's what I'm doing to prepare for Christmas and I fully expect to be totally prepared within 24 hours...

  • Shops are open till midnight tonight... come 11.55pm I will be at the checkout of one of them with all gift shopping done!

  • Tomorrow morning I will sit down and write out the menu plan which will include BBQ, Roast and perhaps hangi'd meats, lots of salad and a ridiculous amount of whipped cream!

  • After a spot of garage sales, I'll hit the supermarket and shop for all the food on the list until the boot is simply bursting with goodies and all essential menu ingredients!!!

By the time I hit the hay tomorrow night Christmas will be sorted...
fingers, legs, toes and eyes... CROSSED!

Any-who... my Christmas gift to you is a showing of the wedding shoot from my whirlwind weekend to Dubbo, NSW, Australia at the beginning of the month...

I have picked a small selection of my personal favs to share with you. 
I'm quite proud of them and I hope you like them. 

Although this wedding was my first as the official "photographer", being a wedding photographer is something I definitely love. 

I have found my creative outlet,
one that I will enjoy for many years to come...

NB: Mrs Fox and I split the bridal party and I ended up with the groomsmen hence the lack of bridesmaid picts... These guys were all "supermodels" in their own right... so fun and a fierce pleasure to work with, thanks guys xox

Have a safe and wonderful Christmas holiday season...
If I don't come and say hello before the new year
have a super awesome one...
Mrs C

Monday, 3 December 2012

4 Birthdays and a Wedding...

Hi everyone,
well today is my birthday YAY!!!
Unfortunately I have spent mostly all of it in bed feeling not very well at all. 
I have 4 other friends who share my birthday so here is a shout out to each of them...
My twin sissy, Mrs K... we've been twins for 38 years!!!
Whoa!!!  That's a long time to look like someone... It s good thing that she is absolutely stunningly gorgeous, happy birthday my sissy xox
One of our besties, Miss Cindy... we met when were were about 5 years old and when we found out we share the same birthday, the 3 of us have been besties since.  Happy birthday Cindy xox
To Gabriel and Aporonia, great young friends of my children and our family... lots of love to you two and Happy birthday to us...
So as you know I just got back from Dubbo, Australia where I did my first wedding shoot... I loved it despite the 40+ degree heat.  So I've been slowly editing them one at a time and realising how much I love being a "photographer" and I want to do MORE!!! 
Anyway here are a few sneak peeks for you from Ifie... I can't post any more till the bride and groom have seen them, but I'll let you know when they go up on this site here... Soul Photography
Enjoy this little tease...
Mrs C