Friday, 9 March 2012

A mate's date...

I went to dinner with my dear friend Dawn on thursday night.  We haven't had a good catch up for a long while... over Christmas she went to visit her son in Perth, Australia so we had a lot to catch up about... we both love a good steak so it was off to Apache Jacks for a 2 for 1 steak and can we both just say Yum-oh!

She showed off her new handbag which her daughter-in-law was giving to the Salvation Army, yes those are the double C's you can see right there...

Dawny has got the new album from big time emerging kiwi artisi, Kimbra, which she's lent me, I'm looking forward to listening to it...

At the end of the night she gave me her old 'Jimmy Choo' handbag, yay!... I've still to confirm if it's authentic lol! But even if its not, I love it! And I love the thought in which it was given to me... I mean a Jimmy Choo handbag??? WOHOO!!! it was very very kind of her and I gave her a couple of big big hugs... Thank you so much my friend!

So Dawny and I have decided to catch up more often... we always have fun when we do... I think it's important to nurture our friendships... Dawn and I see each other at church but we're too good of friends to just say hi to each other on a Sunday, so we make sure we catch up on a 'Mate's Date' every now and then.

Friendship is a bit like a beautiful precious plant... you have to nurture it, feed it, water it and give it some sunshine, otherwise it will just slowly die away...
How do you nurture your friendships?

You know, since I've started this blog my senses seem to have heightened just a little, its like now I really see and hear and taste things around me just so I can make a special note of them here, it really makes me appreciate things around me much more... because sometimes they're things I used to take for granted, so if thats all this blog acheieves... well then good on it!

Make sure you call a friend this week
Mrs C

P.S I bumped into a relatively new friend at the supermarket last night, shes makes the most amaaaaaaazing doilee dresses and is about to start another dress project, I want to document her and post it for you... I reckon you will just LOVE them, I'm trying to get her to start an Etsy shop because theyre that cute

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