Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Hi Ho! It's off to work we go...

Well today was my 3rd official day, needless to say its been a tiring 3 days and the beautiful scenic train ride is quickly turning into that green thing on the other side of my closed eyelids lol!
I arrived home yesterday to a beautiful clean house, happy children, and a gorgeous Mr C's speciality Cottage Pie already for me to dig into... Then I joined Mr C and the kids down at the tennis courts to watch them bash some tennis balls about... so glad it's summer!
Here is my building (the big one)... its ALOT different from my last pretty little office...

Anywhooo.... This is just a quickie before I hit the sack, I am feeling those early mornings right now...
Mrs C
PS I'm loving the different street styles I see in Wellington, must start taking sneaky picts lol

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