Sunday, 9 September 2012

Belle's of the Ball...

So... in the last post I had mentioned how super busy I have been... this is one of those things that had kept me busy. 
My 3 sisters and I have been singing together for-like-ever... on Friday night we had our first big gig as a foursome. 

Three of us performed at a few weddings and smaller gigs throughout last year... we were super excited to actually be able to do this gig altogether...
The gig was for the L.D.S Church Ball 2012 for our region, there seemed to be a few hundred people there so it was also our biggest gig to date...
So you would think that just preparing for the gig would be enough work in itself right?  But... on top of that, we (or I) decided that we should make our  own dresses... SO... we did! In one day... the day before the ball! Lol!

 I designed an easy to make dress that would be flattering on each of our own curves (similar to my striped dress here...) and guess what the theme for the Ball was?  VINTAGE! Perfect right?
My twin sissy flew back from Sydney for the Ball and brought with her all our beautiful satin which she scored for only $2 a metre! Bargain! 
 And check out our beautiful fur stoles... aren't they just gorgeous!  Yes! they are!  #1. belongs to our mummy which has been handed down from her mummy... #2. I scored for $1 at a garage sale, and two others, #3. & #4., were lovingly loaned to us by Mrs H and Ms Grace, thank you ladies...  to top off the look, mummy's pearls and vintage hairdo's. 
Love this look! 
Miss Parnz and my twin sissy, Mrs K, weaing
Furr stole's #1. and #4.
Miss Waireka, 5 months pregnant and
wearing fur stole #3.
... and ME... wearing fur stole #2...
YES! I really did find it at a
garage sale for $1!!! Amazing huh?
Anyway... we call ourselves
which is the maori word for
We performed for 2 and a half hours... I was so pleased with how our outfits turned out...

Then we got to dance the night away to the D.J...

We are all Dancing Queens...

Sharing the night with our mumma, our brother (who performed a couple of numbers with us as well) and Mr C... Oh and we met our little niece, Awatea, for the first time this week, and she was such a beautifully behaved baby for her singing mummy at the Ball...

The spunky Mr C and I enjoying the night...

Along with all these wonderful people...
 So... as you can see we had the BEST night!!! My twin Sissy has gone back to Sydney, and my two younger sissy's are back over the hill (that's how we refer to the Wellington region...) And it's back to work for me tomorrow...
You know, sometimes life can seem like a monotonous daily grind of just churning the mill...
But then amazing moment's come along and create amazingly beautiful memories that will last forever...
Singing with all my sisters in our first big gig?
Mrs C


  1. What a great night and a choice blog spot!!! Can't wait for our next gig... bring it on Porirua! haha!

  2. YEYAH Mrs K!!! it would be great if we could do some other Stakes... hmmm what about Sydney? or Brissy lol!!!! hook us up Sissy!

  3. love this! what an awesome family! I'm the newest member of mormon fashion bloggers and your newest follower! feel free to check out my blog and follow along if you'd like!

    1. Hi Laura, how lovely to meet you, I'm certainly coming to visit you... and I'd love to follow, see you soon x


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