Saturday, 15 September 2012

A few of my favourite things...

I have a problem... according to Mr C, its a big problem... you see I have something of a 'Garage Sale' fetish, yes, I do!  So, I've been trying to stop buying stuff just for the sake of just buying stuff... new rule "I must, I must stop buying crap!"  Now here is the problem... what constitutes crap???  Because today I found a couple of great things that I just couldn't pass up... and today they have become two of our favourite things, 'our' meaning me, the kids and Mr C!!! so I guess I must be getting good at not buying crap... check it out...
Have you ever had a game of Fooz-Ball with your kids? You MUST try it!!! FUN!!!  My boy brought this for $15! We all love it!

Try playing 'around the world' darts with the family... Start by aiming for number 1 and work your way up, everyone taking turns... this heavy duty vintage dart board including darts, chalk and duster was only $20!!!!
You have got to agree with me... these 2nd hand bargains are amazing non-crap purchases right?  Not only were they cheap, but they encourage us to spend more time as a family actually interacting with each other in a fun non-T.V-watching way... The son is turning the garage into a bonified games room! 

Do you have a crap-buying problem???
...Well lets just wait and see what I bring home next week.
I've had an extra amazing week, I feel quite blessed in all parts of my life... My week started with this strange little sign of love and luck... Mrs H pointed this out to me on Monday morning...
I have a heart on my cheek!!! Can you see it?  It's just a random act of loveliness that exposed itself, of all places, on my right cheek...  Love it!  The outcome of my week is a whole other post though and I will certainly fill you in, but not today... have a lovely weekend...
Mrs C

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