Thursday, 5 April 2012


I'm doing two posts today because I'm going to give myself the weekend off YAY! So here is Saturday's post 2 days early... xox

So... today I ended up in the greeting cards section of the  supermarket and i couldn't believe the cute cards I found there, look at these... Dirty Dancing - It's Baby and Johnny - woohoo!!! OMGsh... so cute! And there's also Audrey, Michael and the Wizard of Oz crew!!!  

And this one is so funny, I just had to pxt it to Mrs H...

which got me thinking, "Hey, I can do this." So check these out, what a great idea to turn some of my photographic images into greeting cards...

They're mini cards and I gave the first one to Mrs H and her family with a little bag of chocolate fudge for Easter well wishes... I think they turned out pretty great... what do you think?

I Love that these are my images, it gives me a sense of accomplishment, just a little sense, but a sense nonetheless.  

Printing them onto good quality card makes them look very professional... I did the Vespa series this time around, next time I'll do the 1950's series...

It's good to know that I have cards now whenever I need them and because they're blank and the picture is pretty general, I can use them for anything... Wairarapa people watch out for these in our local stores... I'll let you know which ones I stock.

Mrs C


  1. I LOVE your greeting cards! You should do a pack as a blog giveaway- OR start your own ETSY shop and sell them! They are AWESOME!

  2. Fantastic ~ well done, they look wonderful Jxx

  3. Thank you guys! And yes a blog giveaway sounds like just what we need, thank you all for you lovely comments! You've totally just brightened my day!!! Mrs C xox

  4. Can I order some?? I have something to tell you..exciting..can't wait to see you soon AR

    1. Ohhhh Andrea... we have to catch up... did I miss the 'something exciting'?


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