Monday, 23 January 2012

Another photograpy post...

Okay so it's countdown to start of school... boohoo... when my kids start school, I start work... Anyway ROADTRIP!!! we are off to Tauranga  this afternoon yay!  I told the kids I don't want to leave later than 12pm so I can stop at all the Op shops on the way... So heres to the last week of the school holz filled with beaches, new second hand shops and more beaches... We plan on doing some major relaxing as well as having some major fun.  My niece is having her 21st on Saturday up there so its going to be fun to catch up with everyone.  I'm going to take lots of photos woohoo!

Over the past 5 weeks my kids and I have discovered a new fav' hangout "Carterton" this sweet little town has the coolest 'free' town-pools and an awesome park... so we spent lots of hot days there with a picnic or bbq...  They also have some great thrifting and the funkiest little vintage boutique called "Fuzzy" here are some picts.... I'll see you in Tauranga :)
Mrs C

 Believe it or not this was one very hot day, despite the storm clouds...

 I love the black clouds against the blue sky...

 My 3 little nephews are all living in Australia now, so these were good times

 I have not seen one of these drum rollers at any other park, my kids love them...

 Cousins in blue...

The whole world heard about the ballooning tragedy in Carterton earlier this month.  A few days after that accident when we were leaving Carterton we saw this rainbow which seemed to stretch right over the site.  It brought a tear to my eye, and this is my tribute to them.


  1. I love your blog and the pictures are amazing! :)

    Check out my blog, I always follow back my lovely readers :)

    Xoxo, Maya <3

    1. Hi Maya, thank you so much... I found your blog and am now following you I look forward to getting to know you... have a lovely day Mrs C x


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