Saturday, 11 February 2012

RING, RING... Hellooooowwww?

We have a new kitten, shes a little crazy... you see we already have a lovely cat, and here he is... he's big and black and totally lovely, his name is Sirus Black, and I havent seen one mouse in the house since we got him...

So this new kitten, she arrives and starts hissing at Sirius and Sirius was ok with that... until day 2 when he started hissing back... well we decided that she was just getting used to us, and him, till day 3 and the hissing got louder... so I grabbed both of them and held them next to each other for about 10 minutes... patting them both and telling off the kitten... "You be nice to Siruis!  He's the boss around here little missy.  Don't come in here with that attitude." By the end of the 10 minutes I had them both in my lap purring and touching each other.... and would'nt you know, hissing has ceased! It was all very amusing!  We have'nt settled on a name for little Miss Hissy, but she's a spitting image of Siruis, just in kitten form... they look so cute togeather.

We had a great end of the week here in little old Masterton.  The Hurricanes rugby team spent a couple of days here and the kids were pretty excited to see the famous ones (Cory Jane, Conrad Smith, Victor Vitto) So I thought this was good time to start using my iPhone4s as a camera... not a good idea, as I was pretty excited and moving around alot and most the picts came out pretty blurry... but you can still make out Conrad Smith with my Son here...

 I saw a write up in the newspaper today, about Conrad, he's an All Black and now the new captain of the Hurricanes.  He's just come home from a 3 month trip around the world with his girlfriend, they went to a third  world country, painted classrooms and ran makeshift rugby training sessions with the kids... He sounds like an amazing guy... well I can vouch for that.  My son is so shy so he was standing back in the corner and Conrad approached him, asked him how he was, talked about school and rugby, he even shook his hand and said "I'm Conrad."  He gave him some sound advice "Keep playing rugby aye," And put his hand on my sons shoulder for this photo...  needless to say my son was stoked and still is... its really awesome to know that guys like Conrad will always be good guys, no matter how famous they get... they have time for the "little people" can spare a few kind words and care.  Good stuff Mr Smith and here's hoping you have a great season.

O.k, down to the nitty gritty...  iPhone4s... it's a bit of a long one... so I've added some photos to the mix that I have taken with the iPhone4s, and editedthem on one of the photography apps I mention below, they look pretty good even if I do say so myself... here we go.

Its been GREAT aaaaand... NOT SO GREAT, check it out...
  • This is the best looking phone I have ever seen.
  • I got the cutest turquoise (*)speck cover for it... lahvly!
  • OMGsh! SO many apps at the app-store and lots of FREE ones...
  • My son and I downloaded some i-tunes songs, he loaded some more games and I spent a little time familiarising myself with instagram, vintage camera and picture show, of which ALL are totally great. We've all spent a bit of time slicing fruit and skiing... games.
  • I've already taken lots of picts, but still learning to use Instagram and Picture Show.

  • Texting is so cool, and when I get a new message, it adds itself to the last message I recieved from the person and turns all our text's into a "conversation"
  • Mrs H texted pict of what she wanted to wear to school one morning to see what I thought... so EASY...
  • I've checked my hotmail, my facebook and Curves all from the comfort of my iPhone4s.
  • The kids fugured out and made a little video already.
  • Being able to get onto my email and my blog anywhere, anytime is just the coolest!  Internet right at my fingertips.
  • I love plugging in the earphones and using it as an iPod when I go for my morning walks... powering up the Lansdowne hill listening to my fav tunes is far easier than listening to my huff n puffs.
  • Face time ROCKS my SOCKS!!! I know 3G video calling has been around for a while but I've never had it on my own phone before...
  • Basically it's a teeny tiny computer or iPad, that you can make phone calls on... flippin fantastic really!

  • I find it a little bulky... compared to my little old Samsung, it feels too big to be in my hand, and makes me a bit clumsy, I've dropped it a couple times already.
  • Because of the size, I found it difficult to get used to taking self portraits, sometimes even using 2 hands to do it, 1 to hold the phone and 1 to press the button.
  • WHAT is up with the battery life??? I charged it over night last night and it ran out of battery by lunchtime today, when I asked the girl at the store she said its because the battery is new and hasnt had time to FULLY charge... so I'm going to give it one more week and then I will have to do something about that if it doesn't improve... its a spoiler... yes I thought it would have something to do with the kids playing games on it etc... but only 5 hours use after a 12 hour charge???

I geuss the GREAT outweighs the NOT SO GREAT and its all a matter of getting to know it, getting used to the feel of it... Overall I love the phone.  'Mrs H' summed it all up nicely, "I've never been in love with a phone before!" I would have to concur.  

So if you are thinking about getting and iPhone4s I would say what my other friends said to me, because they were quite right... "you won't regret it, you will love it and you will wonder how you ever got on without it." 


Now for an exciting close to today's post...  Mark at "FUZZY VINTAGE - Carterton" is going to let me to use his shop as a backdrop for some of the $20 Vintage Makeover photo shoot's I will be doing, YAY!!! So exciting! 

FUZZY VINTAGE is a delicious shop, full of the most gorgeous  vintage clothes, accessories and homeware.  Compared to other vintage shops, the prices are really resonable. They have the most EXTENSIVE range and is the bestest vintage shop in the Wairarapa... you could quite comfortably put it up there with the best of Auckland's and Wellington's vintage boutiques... If you are EVER in the Wairarapa and driving through Carterton STOP!!! Go in and SHOP!

 SO... Please keep an eye out for the first $20 Vintage Makeover photoshoot, we have'nt settled on a date, but I can confirm that the first one will be posted before the end of the month...

I hope you have a beautiful rest of the weekend.
See you Tuesday...
Mrs C


  1. Nice blog girl! "Down to the nitty gritty"..haha love that movie!


  2. Thanks sherriarmour, and I love that song lol. Hope u keep dropping by, I'll b comb to visit u too ;)


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